Open Talk workshops

Open Talk aims to support collaborative decision-making between children, young people and mental health professionals in inpatient and community CAMHS.

The Open Talk workshops aim to:

  • Build on your existing skills and expertise by exploring examples from your clinical practice
  • Focus on decisions that are more challenging or complex
  • Introduce the Open Talk model
  • Enable you to share ideas and practice with other professionals
  • Explore how we can make decision-making with young people and families more open and explicit

It has made me really reflect on how I work with clients and staff and to be mindful of being much more transparent through the process.”

“It was helpful having the space to explore the challenges and complexities of the decisions we make with young people and families. It helped me to see what we do well and how we can make this more visible and explicit, especially where young people feel choice is limited.” 

In-house training

The Open Talk workshops can be facilitated with teams in community and inpatient CAMHS.  We offer a full day workshop, with a half day follow up session approximately 6-8 weeks later. To find out more please email [email protected]