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Using the goals and the goal-based outcome (GBO) tool to help shared decision-making

2nd July 2018

  The process of shared decision-making is important all the way through any intervention with children, young people and families with mental health or emotional well-being issues. Even the things that may seem like small, almost insignificant, decisions to clinicians can feel like big deals to young people – so we should treat each decision…

Q&A with the Expert: Decision Making with Children who have Social and Communication needs

21st May 2018

This Q&A is with Sarah. She has over ten years experience as a special educational needs coordinator in a mainstream nursery, and now works as an early years practitioner in a specialist setting. In this Q&A, she talks with us about encouraging the communication needed to make decisions, and how even children with high levels…

Living and learning together

1st May 2018

  Literature review – Peer support   Peer support toolkit   What is peer support? Video from Mind              

Collaborative use of the mental health act (yes, really)

30th October 2017


I just don’t want it

23rd October 2017

A blog about the challenges of living with a chronic physical or mental health problem

Introducing Open Talk

27th March 2017